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Hi! I’m Sara, professional editor and details gal. I help authors craft their language to create riveting books for their readers.

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My specialties

Craft Books and Content

Good craft writing makes anybody feel capable of creating. I help makers who write about crafts, cooking, gardening, and other hobbies inspire their readers. I’m here to amplify your voice as a trusted teacher and make sure your instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Fiction and Narrative Nonfiction

Nothing tops the joy of being absorbed in a story. I help authors keep their readers immersed by tending to the details that bring stories to life. While I will edit books in most genres, my genre specialties include adult and YA fantasy, romance, and narrative nonfiction.

My services

Line Editing

Line editing is a line-by-line dive into the tone, style, and flow of your writing. I’ll give your manuscript a close read to make sure your words are working to tell your story as well as possible.


Copyediting smooths out issues of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and consistency that might confuse or distract your readers, so they can focus their attention on your story. 


Proofreading is the final read of your formatted book to make sure no errors or formatting issues have slipped through after copyediting and layout.

Series Bibles

A series bible is an essential tool for fiction writers working on a series of stories set in the same world. I help authors compile series bibles to keep track of important story and setting details for later reference.

Sara is a terrific copyeditor and proofreader. As a novelist, I'm always looking for partners who will help me tell a stronger story and look professional while doing it. Sara strengthens my sentences, lexicon, and grammar. She always provides reasoning behind her suggested edits, and even goes above and beyond to check obscure or foreign words! I am always more confident when I publish books when they have been reviewed by Sara's expert eye. I highly recommend Sara for your copyediting needs!

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