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Here's what my clients say...

Sara is a terrific copyeditor and proofreader. As a novelist, I'm always looking for partners who will help me tell a stronger story and look professional while doing it. Sara strengthens my sentences, lexicon, and grammar. She always provides reasoning behind her suggested edits, and even goes above and beyond to check obscure or foreign words! I am always more confident when I publish books when they have been reviewed by Sara's expert eye. I highly recommend Sara for your copyediting needs!

Sara is a killer copyeditor with a sharp eye for detail. At first, I wasn't even sure I wanted to invest in hiring a copyeditor for my book proposal, but I'm so glad that I did; it made all the difference. Before I worked with Sara, I submitted my proposal to a handful of agents and received 100% passes. After working with Sara, I got three offers of representation and signed with an agent I love. I will definitely use her services again!

Kaila Yu,

Sara is an outstanding copyeditor. She is able to clarify meanings, find better words for parts of a sentence, and make my writing as a whole sound better—all without changing or losing my voice. She is also incredibly talented at editing recipe instructions, an underrated but vital skill that has ensured that my instructions are easy to follow and don't leave out key steps or ingredients. The combination of Sara's technical skills and her judgment has made my writing so much better. 

Allie Brudney, Bites and Rights

Sara was great to work with for copyediting and proofreading my latest book. With her knowledge of the craft industry she really helped the flow of my book with thorough suggestions and comments. Her advice was excellent and I have much more confidence in my book now. I would definitely use Sara’s services again.

Nancy Wesley, Next Level Felting 2

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