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Clients and Projects

The Charmer Without a Cause by Katherine Grant
The Governess Without Guilt by Katherine Grant
The Duchess Wager by Katherine Grant

I copyedit romance novels for Katherine Grant, an award-winning independent author of Regency romance for modern readers.

I line edited and copyedited the proposal for Kaila Yu’s forthcoming book Yellow Fever Hustler, a memoir and cultural critique that tells the story of an Asian American woman navigating racism and sexism as she comes of age.

Guess My Animal!
An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Raising Backyard Ducks
My Chicken Family: A Keepsake Album
Busy Little Hands: Science Play!
The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook.jpg

I am a proofreader for Storey, a publisher of practical books on creative subjects.

I copyedited forthcoming book Wild Spirit for Page Street Publishing, a publisher of craft and hobby books, YA fiction, and children’s picture books.

The Bird Queen
The Magical Clay Doll

I am a copyeditor for SPPD, a publisher of English language books about Chinese culture, including children’s picture books and adult nonfiction. I edit English translations of Chinese language books to make the language flow naturally for English speakers.

Caption This.jpg

I copyedited forthcoming books Caption This and Shopkeeping for Princeton Architectural Press, a publisher of illustrated and visual books on pop culture, nature, architecture, design, gardening, and more.

Strawberry Moon Magazine
Strawberry Moon Magazine
Strawberry Moon Magazine
Strawberry Moon Magazine
Strawberry Moon Magazine

I copyedit articles for Strawberry Moon Magazine, an independent magazine that celebrates art journaling.

The Paper Mouse

I write and edit marketing and web content for The Paper Mouse, a small business with a big following of loyal fans. My work includes a weekly newsletter that reaches over 5,000 customers, blog posts and web content, and a series of short stories called "Making Magic."

Bites and Rights

I copyedited blog posts and recipes for Bites and Rights, a cooking blog focused on food supply chains and human rights.

Hello Job Search

I proofread Hello, Job Search, a self-help book for job seekers by independent author Ed Bray.

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