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Clients and Projects

The Charmer Without a Cause by Katherine Grant
The Governess Without Guilt by Katherine Grant
The Duchess Wager by Katherine Grant

I copyedit romance novels for Katherine Grant, an award-winning independent author of Regency romance for modern readers.

Clean Eating Meal Prep.jpg
Acrylic Landscapes.jpeg

I am a copyeditor for Page Street Publishing, a publisher of craft and hobby books, YA fiction, and children’s picture books.

Guess My Animal!
An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Raising Backyard Ducks
My Chicken Family: A Keepsake Album
Busy Little Hands: Science Play!
The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook.jpg

I am a proofreader for Storey, a publisher of practical books on creative subjects.

Caption This.jpg

I copyedited Caption This and Shopkeeping for Princeton Architectural Press, a publisher of illustrated and visual books on pop culture, nature, architecture, design, gardening, and more.

The Bird Queen
The Magical Clay Doll

I am a copyeditor for SPPD, a publisher of English language books about Chinese culture, including children’s picture books and adult nonfiction. I edit English translations of Chinese language books to make the language flow naturally for English speakers.

Next Level Felting 2.jpg

I edited Next Level Felting 2, a feltmaking book by artist and author Nancy Wesley.

Strawberry Moon Magazine
Strawberry Moon Magazine
Strawberry Moon Magazine
Strawberry Moon Magazine
Strawberry Moon Magazine

I copyedit articles for Strawberry Moon Magazine, an independent magazine that celebrates art journaling.

I line edited and copyedited the proposal for Kaila Yu’s forthcoming book Yellow Fever Hustler, a memoir and cultural critique that tells the story of an Asian American woman navigating racism and sexism as she comes of age.

The Paper Mouse

I write and edit marketing and web content for The Paper Mouse, a small business with a big following of loyal fans. My work includes a weekly newsletter that reaches over 5,000 customers, blog posts and web content, and a series of short stories called "Making Magic."

Bites and Rights

I copyedited blog posts and recipes for Bites and Rights, a cooking blog focused on food supply chains and human rights.

Hello Job Search

I proofread Hello, Job Search, a self-help book for job seekers by independent author Ed Bray.

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