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How can I help you?


Ready to polish your writing? The goal of copyediting is to catch any errors or oversights and fix awkward wording that might distract or confuse your readers. I’ll perform a close and thorough read of your document, making sure that:

  • Your meaning is clear 

  • Your writing flows smoothly

  • Sentences are grammatical

  • Punctuation is used correctly

  • Spelling errors are fixed

  • Style choices (such as capitalization, numerals, and spelling) are consistent


Let’s take one last look! Proofreading is the final step of the editing process to make sure no errors have slipped through after your work has been copyedited and formatted. I’ll make sure that:

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct

  • No typos have slipped through

  • Formatting and layout are consistent


Need a hand with your writing? Let’s talk about your project and see how I can help! I have experience writing the following types of content:

  • Newsletters

  • Blog posts

  • Product descriptions

  • Website content


Every project is unique, so I base my rates on your specific needs after we discuss your project. I strive to keep my rates reasonable, and I’m always happy to work out a solution that’s within your budget. Contact me to learn more and get a quote for your project.

Sara is an outstanding copyeditor. She is able to clarify meanings, find better words for parts of a sentence, and make my writing as a whole sound better—all without changing or losing my voice. She is also incredibly talented at editing recipe instructions, an underrated but vital skill that has ensured that my instructions are easy to follow and don't leave out key steps or ingredients. The combination of Sara's technical skills and her judgment has made my writing so much better. 

Allie Brudney, Bites and Rights

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