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Meet your editor

A photo of the editor, wearing glasses and smiling.

Hi! I'm Sara. I’m a freelance book editor specializing in fiction, narrative nonfiction, and craft and hobby books. I am a proud graduate of the copyediting certificate program at UCSD, where I studied grammar, style, usage, fact-checking, language bias, and much more. I discovered my craft decades ago as a wee teenager editing Harry Potter fanfiction, and later I honed my skills in the workplace, editing fundraising letters, web content, product catalogs, and marketing materials. When it became clear that editing was my favorite part of all my jobs, I dove into the UCSD copyediting program to get a professional education. I’ve been editing books for publishers and independent authors ever since.


I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, where I keep up with best practices in editing through professional development courses, conferences, and the wisdom of colleagues. When I’m not editing I enjoy working with my hands (knitting, sewing, bookbinding, stamp carving, gardening … you name it!), as well as hiking, swing dancing, and—of course—reading a good book.

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